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Channelling your inner granny

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Wrap yourself in nostalgia with these pretty products inspired by vintage designs!

Many of us have yearned for comfort and nostalgia during the uncertainty of recent times. At Betty & Maude we love products that offer a modern take on original vintage designs. These beautiful and classic items often bring back cherished childhood memories and are a true delight to use.

Hark back to simpler times and choose from our favourite retro homewares and accessories, all with a gorgeous contemporary twist...

Hands up if you used to have one of these fabulous retro jelly bags and matching jelly shoes?! They come in a kaleidoscope of colours and are superb for a trip to the shops or the beach, or to stash bits and bobs at home.

Choose between the large or small size – the little ones are the perfect size for children!

Vintage charm on your arm

Channel your inner-granny with our retro atomic tote bags, which are inspired by original designs from the 1950s and are made from 100% recyclable material. These pastel beauties are super strong, so they’re ideal for shopping or as a storage basket at home. They can fit plenty inside, so we love them for storing toilet rolls or holding our craft supplies!

Bags of retro style!

These stylish and eco-friendly recycled fabric shoppers offer a hefty dose of granny-chic and are sturdy and large enough for a big shop or for stashing your current crochet project.

They’re made from empty cement sacks which are washed and shredded, before being transformed into these glorious bags. They have strong handles, a lined top and a magnetic closure.

Happy shopping

These cotton mesh eco bags would look as at home hung on your arm as they would in your mum’s old store cupboard.

They’re soft and lightweight so can easily be kept in your handbag or car boot to brighten up a shopping trip. Don’t be fooled by their dainty appearance – they are incredibly strong and can stretch to hold up to 10kg!

Your nostalgic jug of dreams!

Our popular gluggle jugs often remind customers of childhood visits to their grandparents. Made by Wade Ceramics, the colourful fish-shaped jugs are based on a 100-year-old design, and give a satisfying ‘glug glug’ sound when you pour water (or wine!) from them.

We also have mini gluggles, which are ideal as a bud vase or pretty ornament.

Go back in time!

Treat your nightstand to a sprinkling of cottagecore chic, thanks to these jolly little retro alarm clocks in pink and teal. They’re the perfect alternative to using your mobile phone as an alarm, and offer a much nicer sound to wake up to. They are battery operated and have helpful glow in the dark hands. Your granny would approve.

A thirst for the past!

Flashback to those carefree camping trips of your childhood with these enamel jugs and tumblers. Use these classic designs year round and fill them with hot chocolate, water, wine or even Pimms.

Made by the iconic Falcon Enamelware, which was established in 1920, they are oven and dishwasher-safe and come in a range of wonderfully muted colours.

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